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High Performance Multi-Component Polyester Urethane

A proven performance coating in the aviation industry for over 25 years, JetGlo is a multi-component polyester urethane designed for use on high performance general aviation, business jet, and commercial aircraft. JetGlo has outstanding high gloss appearance, durability and Skydrol® fluid resistance

JetGlo is commonly used as an overall topcoat on high performance, business jet and commercial applications. JetGlo is a simple 1:1 mix ratio, available in thousands of solid colors.

JetGlo Associated Products:

U-Series    JetGlo Mixed JetGlo Colors U-Series    MSDS | Product Data Sheet
CM0578520    JetGlo Hardener/Catalyst    MSDS | Product Data Sheet
CM0120975    JetGlo Accelerator    MSDS | Product Data Sheet
CM0110821    JetGlo / AcryGlo Thinner - High Temp    MSDS
CM0110755    JetGlo / AcryGlo Thinner - Low Temp    MSDS
CM0110701    JetGlo / AcryGlo Thinner - Medium Temp    MSDS

Metal Pretreatment Systems

JetGlo should be applied to a surface that has been properly treated and coated with the proper products.

1) Phosphoric Acid Etch Treatment & Chromic Acid Conversion (Alodine)
2) 484-684 Wash Primer

Call for details

Recommended Primer systems:

483-928/120-828 High Solids Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Primer
Two-Component Primer 4:1 Mix ratio.

483-505/120-506 High Solids Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Primer
Two-Component Primer 2:1 Mix Ratio

480-920/120-911  High Solids Epoxy Surfacer
Two-Component White Surfacer Primer 4:1 Mix Ratio

*Other primers are available for specific applications; please call ACI for further details.

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